A Recipe For Success

Congratulations on making your first incredibly smart business decision!

If you are considering self-employment through a franchise, you are exploring the most successful business growth model in history. New business failure rates within the first 5 years is estimated to be around 80%, however statistics show that the failure rate of franchises within the same period are estimated to be as low as 40%. Here’s why...

Proven Model

You are buying a business that is based on proven & successful operating systems

Reduced Risk 

The advantage of buying a franchised business means that the business model is already a proven success if systems are followed

Ongoing Support & Guidance

In a franchise system you have ongoing access to support and guidance from a team of people dedicated to your success, simply because their success depends on it!

Brand Strength

Consumers are more likely to use and trust a brand they recognise, so joining a growing network of businesses is invaluable

Purchasing Power

When it comes to negotiating better supply rates and terms, there is strength in numbers!

Marketing Assistance

The Franchisor will either look after marketing for the group or has trialled many different advertising mediums and can give guidance based on experience from a wide variety of different advertising options

Franchisor Training

When you start your business, you are provided with comprehensive training on every aspect of running the business which helps set you up for success and avoid costly mistakes

'The Franchisee Academy'

First things first! 'The Franchisee Academy' is how we refer to the support we offer to help you prepare for the process of buying a franchise. Our free advice and guidance is suitable for individuals or couples considering buying a franchise business, who would like a better understanding of the unique aspects of this process.

Like independent businesses, franchises vary greatly and no two are the same, all franchises will come with their own set of pros and cons. Our programme is completely tailored just for you to ensure you get the right information needed for your unique circumstances, and which ever stage you are at in the journey. Whether you are ready to buy a business now, or thinking about it down the track, we will work with you to provide the guidance and support you need.

We Get to Know You

Before we can even think about providing you with advice and guidance on the process, we need to get to know who you are, what makes you tick and exactly what you want from self-employment and owning your own business. You see, franchising is ALL about the people, whether it’s the franchisee or the franchisor, relationships are what makes this the most successful business model in history.

Once you have completed our 'Lets Get To Know You' form, we can either schedule a phone call, zoom meeting or coffee (depending on where you are and of course, the current Covid sitch!) to discuss further everything and anything you think we should know about you (preferably not any weird stuff that could make it awkward!) and what you want in self-employment.

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Our Team

Friendly, down to earth, real, funny (some funnier than others), positive and reliable are all the warm fuzzy bits you need to know about us. The serious stuff is just as impressive! We have over 35 years combined experience in the franchise industry within roles including franchisors, general managers, performance coaches, recruiters, and trainers. We live and breathe franchising because it is the most successful business growth model in history…and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you back a winner?

Coaching Topics You Can Select From

Overview of the franchise purchase process

Buying a franchise is unlike buying an independent business, there are a number of other factors that play into the overall process and should be considered before embarking down the path of becoming a franchisee. We will provide you with a down-to-earth and realistic overview of the process and how to get what you need out of it. Our step by step guide will ensure you can prepare for what’s ahead. 

Assist you with preparing a business plan

Some franchisors will require you to prepare a business plan which identifies, describes and analysis the business opportunity for your preferred territory. They may ask you to provide analysis of the local market and economy along with the model’s financial feasibility for the location. Our experienced team can assist you with preparing a compelling and insightful plan that will demonstrate to the franchisor your commercial acumen and the value you can bring to the brand.

Interview coaching

Let’s face it, interviews are never the most relaxing experience, usually because the interviewee hasn’t got a clue what questions they will be asked, therefore it is impossible to prepare. Although we can’t anticipate every question you will be asked, our team have been involved in the selling of franchises and interviewing of franchisees for over 15 years…it’s definitely not our first rodeo so we are in the best position to help you prepare for what they will likely throw at you. We got you boo. 

Prepare your list of questions for the franchisor

Fair’s fair! The interview process goes both ways and you will also have the opportunity to put the franchisor on the spot with questions you have about the opportunity. Franchising, first and foremost is a relationship and both parties must be sure that they can work together and get what they both need out of the relationship. We will help you prepare a list of questions to ensure you have a clear understanding of what you can expect from the franchisor as well as what they will expect from you.  

Find the right franchise for your lifestyle and budget

Its horses for courses! With so many franchise opportunities out there, how do you make the best decision? Your family life, financial situation and skill set will be big factors in which franchise is right. There are also other areas that should be considered such as do you like working outside on the tools, or does a sales and management role appeal? Do you want staff and a business you can grow, or are you happy working on your own…these are all important things to consider and we will help you weigh up all the pros’ and cons’ of each as well as provide advice on potential challenges you will face.

Present you with a selection of franchise opportunities right for you

You will be given the option at the end of our coaching programme to be presented with a selection of potential franchise opportunities that fit your individual criteria, budget and family life. If you are interested in exploring any of these opportunities further, we can arrange a meet and greet with the franchisor and all the amazing skills and tools you now have in your arsenal can be unleashed in real life! Oooooh the power! 

And remember the first thing we told you… all of this is absolutely free of charge and free of pushy salespeople. Pinkie swear.