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At 3BagsFull, we embody the values of Aroha (love), Mahi Tahi (working together), and Whakamana (empowerment), driving us to make a profound impact on the lives of our Rangatahi and other young people in the community. As a franchisee, you'll join an organisation committed to breaking barriers and fostering growth. Our service offering is dynamic, delivered entirely online, making education accessible nationwide. With a strong emphasis on digital literacy and strategic partnerships with leading employers and agencies, we are changing lives and shaping the tech workforce's future. At 3BF, our students are equipped with digital and financial education and skills development through online programs, mentoring, and real-world job placement opportunities.

The strength of our franchise lies in the comprehensive support and suite of resources we provide partners. We supply tailored marketing materials, proven education programs, and all compliance documentation, while our established relationships with leading institutions, tech companies, and employment providers ensure a constant demand for our graduates. By partnering with 3BF, you're securing your future and investing in a lucrative social impact enterprise. Make your mark empowering underrepresented youth and enhancing their employment prospects in New Zealand's burgeoning tech sector today.

Franchisor Profile

In 2016, 3BagsFull (3BF) was launched as part of the KidsCoin Limited family, a digital venture initiated in 2015 by Brittany and Teri Teei. Brittany, an award-nominated industry leader with a strong entrepreneurial background in the tech sector, founded the software company, while her mother, Teri, a 40-year veteran educator, lent her expertise to curriculum development and educational compliance. What set Brittany's mission apart was her deep-rooted aspiration to empower her Māori and Pacific community by breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty through education and opportunities in the tech space. Today, Brittany leads a dedicated team responsible for program delivery and manages a recruitment arm facilitating entry into the tech job market. Operating primarily online, this family-driven enterprise calls Auckland home, but its mission is universal. Now, with a proven track record and unwavering dedication to their community, the Teei’s are ready to expand their impact through franchising, extending opportunities for education and employment to more individuals in need throughout NZ.

Franchise Partner Profile

- Proven skills and abilities in recruitment, education or HR

- Trustworthiness and dependability

- Cultural connection to the community

- Professionalism and relationship management skills

- Empathy and compassion

- Time, budget, and project management skills

- Excellent communication, motivation, and leadership skills

- Sales and lead conversion skills

- Ambition and ability to work independently

- Commitment to personal and professional development

- Knowledge and understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses

- Ability to work with others, take direction and follow instructions

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