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Hacker Kitchens


The Hacker Kitchen’s mission is to create beautiful, functional spaces to live in.
Through our commitment to our clients and passion for kitchen excellence, Hacker Kitchens has quickly become an industry leader, setting the standard for kitchen design and creation across the country. From beginning to end, Hacker strives to provide New Zealanders with the highest quality product, design, and service, enhancing laundry and kitchen spaces throughout renovations and new builds across the region.
Hacker Kitchens offers passionate kitchen perfectionists the rare opportunity to join a lucrative global operation, delivering world-class kitchen designs and products to clients in their local area. With award-winning German manufacturing handled by a dedicated Franchisor, Partners can focus on growth, sales, and design from day one. Committed to sustainability, Hacker Kitchens’ carbon-neutral kitchens are the first of their kind in New Zealand. Using only the best sustainably sourced materials available, Hacker Kitchens is innovative and well-positioned for growth in an increasingly eco-conscious landscape. Enjoy comprehensive, ongoing training and support as part of an award-winning brand with over a Century of industry success.

Franchisor Profile

Founded by Hermann Hacker in Rödinghausen in East Westfalia, Germany, in 1898, Hacker Kitchens is a global kitchen brand with a strong foothold in the international kitchen industry. Focused on the design and manufacturing of modern built-in kitchens since 1965, Hacker Kitchens has grown into an award-winning brand, with operations in 40 countries worldwide and a team of 2000 specialists working to create custom kitchens that clients love.
Phil and Julia Shuttleworth launched Hacker Kitchen NZ in 2017, settling in Auckland after years of working around the world as Hacker Kitchen specialists. Teaming Julia’s decades of kitchen design experience with Phil’s years of project management expertise, the two brought Hacker Kitchens to New Zealand with a vision to transform homes by bringing the sustainability, quality, and innovation of German manufacturing to kitchens across the country. Since then, Hacker Kitchens has grown into a thriving operation with a large, dedicated team of kitchen professionals committed to delivering the best kitchen services NZ has to offer. With unprecedented success, and enquiries from across the country, Phil and Julia are ready to expand Hacker Kitchens and install their innovative designs in homes nationwide.

Franchise Partner Profile

- No formal qualifications are necessary
- Must be looking for a full-time opportunity
- Some experience and confidence in selling
- Must be driven and ambitious
- Someone with strong leadership and people management skills
- Someone who can foster relationships and build rapport
- Must be a confident communicator
- Someone with the practical skills to build and attention to detail to do a good job
- Demonstrable commitment to delivering a high level of service
- Ideal for a couple or husband and wife team

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