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Body Bronze 24/7

Step into the future of tanning with Body Bronze 24/7, a revolutionary franchise opportunity that combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled convenience, giving customers a flawless, sun-kissed glow in just 4 minutes. Our fully automated spray tan booths redefine the tanning experience, eliminating the need for assistance and providing a consistent, contactless tan every time. Every function of a traditional spray tanning business has been automated and integrated with purpose-built technology crafted by the world-leading tan technology brand Sunless Inc. These smart machines are designed to be self-sufficient, offering precision height-sensitive scanning, voice-guided interactions, and self-cleaning capabilities. Powered by GymMaster gym management software, our booths prioritize safety and security with advanced features like facial recognition and live camera feeds. GymMaster not only safeguards customers but also serves as an all-encompassing business solution, managing CRM, EDM, bookings, subscription payments, direct debit automated payments and administration with a whole host of features enabling our franchise partners to generate a truly passive income with a business model that was strategically designed as a fully automated 24/7 business operation without you ever having to be physically present in the business every day or ever having to employ staff and pay wages to spray tan a customer. The Booth does it All.

As the automated spray tan industry gains momentum in Australia, Body Bronze 24/7 stands out as the only franchise model in the game, ready to dominate this emerging market. Perfect for those looking for a passive income stream to complement their existing work, or as an add-on to an existing health/wellness/beauty business or an entrepreneur looking for a passive income business model, Body Bronze 24/7 is the passive income solution financially savvy entrepreneurs have been waiting for. Join us now for exclusive territories, nationwide technical support, and the chance to earn a lucrative passive income. Be part of the exciting new fully automated spray tanning phenomenon and capitalise on the rising demand for hassle-free, convenient, fully automated spray tanning experiences at your convenience to suit your lifestyle needs 24/7.

Franchisor Profile
Entrepreneurial is an understatement when it comes to Robert Karanfilovski. Not only a savvy digital businessman but an avid believer in 24/7 fully automated passive income streams,` Robert had already built several lucrative online businesses when he came upon a revolutionary opportunity he simply couldn’t ignore while on holiday. Robert never could have imagined his wife’s quick trip to a tanning booth would change his life, but as soon as he saw the innovative automation of the machine, he couldn’t deny the potential. Ever the strategist, on his return home Robert quickly set about relationship-building, securing the machinery supplier and technology supplier required to turn the American automated tanning craze into an Aussie phenomenon, with his finger on the pulse of it all. Now, Body Bronze 24/7 studios are ready to roll out across the nation, and Robert is excited to onboard like-minded, ambitious franchise partners looking for the opportunity to pursue their dreams of passive income success.  

Franchisee Partner Profile

  • Can be a standalone operation or an add-on to an existing business
  • Interest in an Automated Passive Income Business Model
  • Social media and marketing knowledge and/or experience
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Trustworthiness and dependability
  • Ability to work independently
  • Available to entrepreneurs with limited English as there is no requirement to interact with customers face to face.
  • Well-organised and efficient work style
  • Have Marketing/Advertising skills, or alternatively, this can be outsourced.
  • Ambition and drive to improve continually.

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