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Dogtraining 101 offers a unique opportunity for franchisees to enter an industry in high demand with minimal set up costs. Not only is the work profitable but personally rewarding, working in the local community with puppies, pet shops and rescue dogs. Perfect for franchisees looking for a low-stress chance to work with flexibility in a home-based training environment, administration is kept to a minimum at Dogtraining 101, which utilises simple online payment software. First-rate training and support in establishing the operation ensures you will have the confidence to grow from the get-go. Networking with local veterinary clinics, pet stores and breeders to build a client base within your own community, Dogtraining 101 is a lucrative and highly rewarding opportunity for franchisees who love their furry friends.


One of the industry’s most dedicated and experienced trainers, for Graham Hulse, dog training was a family business. His grandfather and great grandfather before him were both trainers and as he tells it, the business is in his blood. Graham’s method of training is highly effective in dogs with behavioural issues and the specialty has earned him an outstanding reputation for his admirable work with troubled rescues. His commitment to helping rescue dogs in the community has seen him develop a highly efficient business model which he is now ready to share with franchisees, confident they will see the same success. As an expert in educating both dogs and their owners in effective communication, his knowledge of the industry is second to none and furbabies and their owners are better for it. 

Franchisee Profile

  • Driven, ambitious and confident 
  • Capable of thinking logically and laterally
  • Adaptable
  • Calm, thick-skinned and emotionally well-regulated
  • Persuasive 
  • Good memory, able to identify and recall patterns
  • Punctual 

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