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Elaborate Floors is New Zealand’s leading provider and installer of timber flooring services. After appearing on two consecutive seasons of The Block, business is booming for founder, Nahum Gray, who also runs a successful sister company in the carpet industry. Elaborate Floors boasts an impressive offering of flooring services, designed to accommodate jobs of any size and specification. After years in the industry, they have developed strong professional relationships with retailers as well as commercial and residential developers across the country. These connections are the hallmark of Elaborate Floors continued success and ongoing reputation for delivering superior flooring services to clients across New Zealand. Elaborate Floors is an exciting opportunity for franchisees looking to undertake a profitable flooring franchise designed to propel their growth and professional development.  

Franchisor Profile

Nahum Gray started his first business, Elaborate Joinery and Furniture when he was just a young joiner. He successfully grew the business throughout Taranaki before realising an increasing demand for quality timber flooring services in the area. Flooring was a high-profit market, and there was a lack of specialists in the area offering the level of service he had become known for. Confident in the success of his business thus far, he took on the challenge of learning a new trade and it wasn’t long before Elaborate Floors was born. With his unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction and entrepreneurial mindset, Nahum quickly became recognised as an industry leader in timber flooring and his operation grew throughout the region. Cementing his reputation for excellence, Nahum’s trade operations fast became some of the most high-profile in the country, winning awards and gaining nationwide exposure on home renovation show, The Block. 

After Elaborate Floor’s swift growth, and with Nahum’s natural business acumen, he quickly established a sister company specialising in carpets, further expanding his share of the flooring installation market. Now focused on developing his growing property development enterprise, Nahum is committed to building the success of his network of flooring specialists and operations nationwide. His proven model for success includes access to high profile clients and retail connections Nahum has spent a professional career cultivating, coupled with training from an industry-leading entrepreneur. With a strong foothold in both the carpet and timber flooring industries, Nahum is excited to onboard new franchisees and expand his thriving network of successful flooring experts across the country.

 Franchisee Profile

  •  Previous trade experience
  •  Semi-retired tradies
  •  Good communication skills
  •  Strong work ethic
  •  Perfect for a couple 
  •  Strong networking and sales skills
  •  Cooperative and receptive to guidance
  •  Strong values
  •  Responsible and reliable 
  •  Motivated to succeed
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