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OCC Apparel


Established in 2004, OCC Apparel is a world class, leading ethical apparel supplier. With a founding core green DNA and mission to supply business and brands with fashionable, high-quality organic clothing sustainably and ethically. OCC Apparel has constantly evolved its offering to lead the ethical apparel industry, while developing super strong relationships with global ethical apparel suppliers, brands and manufacturers. The OCC Apparel franchise model allows existing apparel sales experts to establish, operate and own their own OCC Apparel business and showroom. The OCC Apparel franchise model also offers existing screen printers an ethical apparel ‘bolt-on’ business, enabling you to create OCC Apparel as your largest customer.

OCC Apparel is a highly lucrative, exciting prospect for existing apparel experts with a passion for ethical fashion and design and for those who want to make money. This rare opportunity offers franchisees the chance to operate their own highly respected, ethical apparel company at the forefront of sustainable clothing manufacturing and distribution and work alongside fellow OCC Apparel franchisee experts on a global level.

OCC Apparel's mission is to help make the world's best apparel brands even better. And we do that by focusing on 3 main core business pillars. Quality, People, Profit and 5 main client categories. Not For Profit, Fashion, Education. Entertainment, Craft.

Franchisor Profile

Nick Barclay the CEO of OCC Apparel is an outdoor adventure athlete and garment manufacturing entrepreneur, who has built a strong reputation for ethical sourcing and supplying clients with world-class custom apparel that is environmentally conscious. Almost two decades ago, Nick was working as a sales associate with the outdoor clothing company Patagonia in New York when he became aware of the benefits of organic cotton. He resolved to find a more sustainable way to meet the global demand for ethical clothing and worked to source materials that were affordable, ethical, and of the highest quality. In 2004, OCC Apparel was established as the solution to offer brands and business organic cotton garments and waterbased screen printing methods in Australia and beyond. In the decade that followed, Nick cultivated professional relationships with brands and designers across the country and around the world, earning him a global reputation for delivering ethical, high-quality garment products and services.

Nick’s pioneering approach toward sustainable fashion did not go unnoticed and it wasn’t long before he was wholesaling to some of the largest names in Australian design. After more than a decade running a successful clothing manufacture and distribution enterprise, Nick is ready to expand OCC Apparel even further. His ethical apparel empire is in higher demand than ever as brands increasingly make the switch to eco-friendly design options and Nick is enthusiastic for the future. With showrooms across multiple states, partnerships with established clothing brands and the world’s largest range of ethically accredited 100% cotton, Nick is eager to share his successful business model with passionate franchisees across the country.

Help Nick and the OCC Apparel team, help you establish your own OCC Apparel franchise company and work side by side to supply the world's best brands with world class, ethical apparel solutions from OCC Apparel.

Franchisee Profile

  • Existing business and/or database of wholesale apparel clients
  • Desire to establish their own successful apparel company
  • Passion for ethical garments and sustainable fashion
  • Shared environmentally friendly values
  • Ethically minded
  • Screen printer
  • Passionate about sustainability
  • Motivation and determination
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Excellent customer relation skills
  • Confident seller and communicator
  • Business and admin or fashion background
  • Strong knowledge of e-commerce
  • Problem solver.
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