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HB Laser Skin Clinic

HB Laser Skin Clinics offers a unique and lucrative opportunity for franchisees looking to own and operate their own beauty business in the cosmetic and aesthetics industry. Offering a range of services from laser tattoo removal to skin treatments, HB Laser Skin Clinics uses only the most effective, cutting-edge non-surgical laser technology. Currently operating across 6 different locations, the HB Laser Skin Clinics business model is proven, after being refined over years of industry experience. Franchisees can be confident in the profitable potential of their large territories, while operating under the guidance of beauty industry veterans. Full training and access to the latest Ultraformer lll non-surgical face and body lifting and tightening, Milesman hair removal and Cosjet ATR laser technology which offers tattoo removal and other specialist laser facial treatments. HB Laser Skin Clinics in the ideal franchise opportunity for those looking to take the next step in their beauty career and make their dreams of skin clinic ownership come true.

Franchisor Profile
Tracey Price is an industry-leading non-surgical cosmetician with almost 30 years of industry experience. Her husband Brendan is also a seasoned professional, and one of New Zealand’s leading tattoo removalists. After a career in the police force, he turned tattoo removal into a passion project, working with inmates to transform their skin and lives. Together, this incredible duo have changed the face of tattoo removal and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in New Zealand.

After years of experience working in various clinics across the country, Tracey became aware of a lucrative gap in the beauty market for results-driven, non-invasive skin solutions. Many of the therapies offered at the time were expensive but weren’t providing clients with lasting outcomes. Tracey was determined to find better solutions and quickly became an expert in the laser industry. Not only a reputable laser therapist, Tracey is also a qualified trainer in laser technologies used by HB Laser Clinics including Ultraformer III, Milesman hair removal and Cosjet ATR laser technology.

Franchisees can be confident in their leadership under Tracey and Brendan, who have earned an exceptional reputation spanning decades for their laser skin treatments and community service. Recognised time and again in print and online for their expertise and community contributions, the couple are now ready to onboard new franchisees and bring HB Laser Skin Clinics unparalleled laser services to more clients and regions throughout New Zealand.  

Franchisee Profile

  • Someone well-presented and personable
  • Must have a passion for excellent customer service
  • Someone motivated
  • Someone with experience or interest in the beauty industry
  • Ideal for a couple or sole operator
  • Someone whose values align with the brand
  • Someone open-minded
  • Someone who enjoys networking
  • Someone eager to learn

Multiple Franchise opportunities available - NZ wide

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