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Mals Benchtops

Mals Benchtops offers customers a niche kitchen renovation and rejuvenation experience. Focusing on benchtops, cupboards, islands, finishings, and fixtures, our customers love the attention to detail and honest service they receive every time their kitchen requires a makeover. While competitors focus on the upsell, we focus on the honest sell, ensuring customers are aware of our full range and their benefits and features, knowing every product they select has been decided on by them and matched perfectly to their needs. At Mals Benchtops we put integrity first and it shines through in everything we do. 

Our franchisees are offered the uniquely lucrative opportunity to enter a niche kitchen renovation industry focused on furnishings and finishings, rather than full-blown kitchen installations (though we can do those too). This niche focus leads to a high referral and lead conversion rate, along with a high-profit margin for franchisees. Onboarding franchisees can rely on several weeks of thorough training, both in the practical and administrative aspects of the business. No marketing is required as word-of-mouth referrals already lead to high demand through the website, however, local marketing can be done by franchisees with Head Office approval. Perhaps most appealing about this exclusive opportunity is the flexibility offered, with Head Office’s high value placed on work/life balance, leaving franchisees to decide how often they wish to work. This highly profitable prospect is ideal for anyone looking to enter a thriving niche industry with strong earning potential and a flexible schedule. 

Franchisor Profile
Ben began his professional journey in the oil industry, where he surveyed ships, developing a keen attention to detail and managing over 100 staff. This highly stressful role convinced him to start considering other avenues of work and he went on to attain an MBA. He wanted to own his own business and focus on a better work/life balance. As fate would have it, he met Mal who was selling a kitchen benchtop business and the work suited him perfectly. Since then, Ben has built the business increasingly and can no longer handle the demand alone. Inundated with new leads from across the country, he is ready to take the brand nationwide by onboarding enthusiastic franchisees ready to bring his honest brand of personalised service to homes across New Zealand.  

Franchisee Profile

  • Someone with strong interpersonal skills who considers themselves a ‘people person’
  • Suitable for a sole operator
  • Suitable for a husband and wife/couple duo
  • Suitable for a family business
  • Suitable for operation by a group of guys/brothers
  • Someone with a little muscle
  • Must be interested in business but no prior experience is necessary
  • Some practical skills required
  • Must have an eye for detail
  • Someone with a reasonable level of fitness

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