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Fulton Swim School

With six separate thriving locations, Fulton Swim School has built a reputation throughout the North Island for providing swimming lessons with first-class facilities to families eager to develop their children’s swim skills. What started as just one swimming pool that the community could rally around, has rapidly grown into a busy hive of swim facilities beloved by children and parents alike. This unique opportunity lets franchisees make a difference in their community, while running a profitable, fulfilling operation. With locations that span the North Island, franchisees can be confident in their leadership and fellow franchisees to support them in their success and growth as they develop their own swim school under the Fulton Swim brand. With a centralised Head Office committed to helping every school thrive, franchisees are guaranteed support, systems and training that are time-tested and purpose-built to ensure success. Fulton Swim School is the ideal franchising opportunity for anyone community-minded, looking to start a business as personally rewarding as it is lucrative.

Franchisor Profile
Daniel Fulton found his calling in swimming and knew right out of high school what he wanted to build for himself and his community. Passionate about swim skills and aquatic safety, he first provided swimming lessons at his local pool as a summer job, where he quickly realised facilities were lacking in his area to provide year-round swim lessons. He was committed to offering more and with nothing but an idea and passion, built his community’s first heated swim facility. With parents lining up to get their children into lessons, he knew he was onto something incredible and quickly set about establishing more swim schools in Franklin, before expanding further across the North Island.

Established in 2015, it has taken Daniel only a few short years to turn his passion for swimming and aquatics into a swim school empire, with demand he could have never predicted. Daniel has worked exceptionally hard in the last 6 years to turn his dream into a reality, earning himself a reputation as an entrepreneur and local hero along the way. Confident in his team of exceptionally trained, passionate swim instructors and his Fulton Swim School’s vision for the future, Daniel is ready to onboard new franchisees who can help bring exceptional facilities and services to more areas across New Zealand.

Franchisee Profile

Perfect for existing swim schools
Someone looking for an owner/operator opportunity
Ideal for retired swimmers
Swimming background desirable but not necessary
Ideal for teachers looking for a career change
Must be approachable and friendly
Must be comfortable communicating with children and parents
Great for someone looking for a fulfilling career change
Someone with strong leadership skills
Ideal opportunity for individuals as well as couples

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