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Shine Oven Cleaners


Shine BBQ & Oven Cleaners offers franchisees the unique opportunity to join a profitable specialty cleaning business with a niche offering. Shine Oven Cleaners currently operates up and down the Central Coast of New South Wales and is in high demand as a preferred supplier for Aged Care residents and real estate agents alike. Our specialised trade means we are highly trained and have carved out our own space in the market providing a service that general cleaners are unable to compete with. Franchisees can be confident operating under the banner of a highly reputable brand that provides full training, head office and administrative support. This business-in-a-box opportunity requires little more than a van and a great attitude, leaving franchisees able to focus on earning money, growing their business, building community relationships and networking with clients and suppliers. With Shine Oven Cleaners in high demand along the NSW coast, they are ready to expand into new territories with growing demand that will suit franchisees. Offering a high earning potential and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Shine Oven Cleaners is the ideal franchise opportunity for those looking for a niche cleaning business that cares about the community.

Franchisor Profile

Brett Hevers has more than a decade of cleaning industry experience, which is what led him to the niche specialty of oven and domestic appliance cleaning and maintenance. After more than five years already under his belt, he established his own unique cleaning business offering oven cleans along the Central Coast that were second to none. Soon his reputation snowballed, and he quickly became the preferred supplier for Aged Care facilities and residents in his area, as well as estate agents. With weeks of work booked in advance, Brett trained employees and his team was highly rated across multiple digital platforms.

Now Brett sees the demand for high-quality oven cleans across the East Coast and is ready to expand the business interstate and throughout the country. With a model for success that’s been proven from Nelson’s to Byron Bay and beyond, Brett is ready to onboard franchisees that are passionate about customer satisfaction and ready to operate their own lucrative niche cleaning business.

Franchisee Profile

Ideal for someone looking for an owner/operator opportunity
No previous cleaning experience necessary
Someone committed to going the extra mile for every customer
Someone ambitious and hard-working
Someone whose values align with the brand
Someone flexible, with an open mind
Prior experience in, or a high regard for customer service is a necessity
Someone community-minded
Someone solution-oriented
Someone with strong problem-solving skills

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