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Spoken Message


This business opportunity is like no other! To own a Spoken Message franchise is to own a world-first business, bringing life-size holograms to the forefront of communication technology. With the help of movie grade cameras and studio equipment, clients are able to record timeless and heartfelt presentations for their loved ones in a Spoken Message studio and witness the innovative transformation of these recordings into realistic holograms. This is all done through the use of revolutionary hologram screening walls and world-class digital equipment. People can now view and re-view messages from their absent family and friends for momentous occasions in their life, or as an eternal memory, documenting family history for generations to come.

This unique opportunity offers franchisees the chance to own and operate a business at the forefront of the digital re-creation industry. Franchises can be operated as a bolt-on Franchise for funeral homes or as stand-alone studio setups. With a full head office and administrative support that includes access to a purpose-built franchise portal to ensure maximum franchise resource security, onboarding franchisees can be confident in Spoken Message’s systems, software choices and technology.

Franchisor Profile

Frank Psaila is a successful businessman whose vision has been years in the making, ensuring that every aspect of the Spoken Message experience is unrivalled and life-changing. Frank has a strong background in design and has used this expertise in his signwriting business. Frank is looking to expand his Spoken Message team to take Spoken Message across the country and then internationally, always staying at the front of how we view communication.

Franchisee Profile

Someone naturally empathetic

Experience in graphics and design would be advantageous

Experience in the funeral or personal services industry is desirable but not necessary

Someone with strong communication skills

Someone with a compassionate attitude

Someone sentimental with a passion for bringing memories to life

Must have values that align with the brand

Must be personable, friendly and comfortable communicating with families

Someone with ambition and motivation to succeed

Someone looking to offer a meaningful, personalised service to clients

Someone with a big heart

Perfect for couples and solo operators

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