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Aceben offers passionate industry professionals in the finance and pawn broking services the opportunity to own and operate their very own pawn broking business under the banner of Sydney’s most trusted brand in the market. As Australia’s largest independent pawnbroker, Aceben is renowned for their fast, easy cash loan service. Their staff and loan valuation experts have a reputation for reliability and unbeatable pricing, dealing in loan amounts large and small. As national market leaders, Aceben provides franchisees with comprehensive, centralised support and a franchise system backed by years of successful operation across multiple New South Wales locations. With a national marketing strategy incorporated into their franchise model and decades of professional reputation building and industry connections, Aceben is proud to support franchisees in their journey towards owning and operating their own successful pawn brokerage business. Where smaller operations have failed, Aceben continues to move from strength to strength each year, with a solid reputation and growing list of in-store locations across Sydney.

Franchisor Profile

Aceben has been in the pawn broking business for more than a century in Sydney. Australia’s oldest and best-established independent industry leader, the company was founded in 1907 in Central Sydney as a small operation. In the 100 years that have followed, the Australian economy has seen many ups and downs, but Aceben has been there throughout them all, supporting the local community with competitive loan services and remaining a firm contributor to New South Wale’s state economy too. Aceben has proven itself to be a successful fixture in the independent pawn broking scene in NSW. From humble beginnings, Aceben has now expanded significantly - proudly operating nine flagship stores throughout Sydney. From television shows that tracked the company’s day-to-day operations, to high profile news and advertising campaigns, Aceben is a household name throughout New South Wales for the loan and pawn broking support they provide to their local communities. With a view to expand into regions throughout Australia, Aceben is eager to welcome likeminded, ambitious franchisees into the Aceben brand, who they can help to professionally develop along the way.

Franchisee Profile

  • Must have industry experience
  • Ideal for existing pawn brokers
  • Someone motivated, reliable and responsible
  • Must have great communication skills
  • Someone with a dedication to customer service
  • Someone whose values align with the brand
  • Must be honest
  • Someone who has an eye for opportunity
  • Must have attention to detail
  • Someone motivated to succeed
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