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Moving Maids

Franchise Profile

Here at Moving Maids, we provide a unique residential moving service tailored to meet the physical and emotional challenges of moving homes. Recognising that moving is a stressful experience, often compounded by a variety of individual factors, we offer more than just cleaning, packing, unpacking, and removal services. With a focus on compassion, Moving Maids aims to support clients through this delicate process by providing gentle care and empathetic support. Our approach treats clients' belongings with the utmost care, offering thorough cleaning, thoughtful packing, and reliable moving services. Each member of the Moving Maids team understands the emotional toll of moving and strives to make a positive difference in clients' lives by facilitating smooth transitions and fostering new beginnings with kindness and compassion.
For franchise partners, this is a rare opportunity to earn a generous income while supporting their community through some of the most vulnerable times in their lives. Along with hands-on and phone support from a dedicated franchisor and a collaborative franchise culture, partners are helped with leads, provided marketing material, and have the flexibility to scale their franchise and purchase expanded territory. Backed by thorough training to ensure they’re ready for anything and confident in the knowledge that all contracted removalists are trustworthy and reliable, partners can rest assured Moving Maids' reputability will never falter. For partners looking to turn a tidy profit by lending a helpful hand, Moving Maids is an opportunity not to be missed!

Franchisor Profile

Coming from a business background in trades, sales and retail, Joe Hickey knew a lucrative opportunity when he saw one. A close friend had initially launched Moving Maids in 2017, but life had other plans, and the fledgling business was put on the backburner. That is until Joe came along 6 months later and bought the business for himself. Officially taking over in 2018, Joe started Moving Maids working as a one-man band but quickly catapulted the service into unprecedented success, gaining a reputation for going above and beyond for clients Auckland-wide. Offering fair pricing and unmatched service, it’s no surprise Moving Maids has exploded in 6 short years, now boasting 4 vehicles and 12 staff on any given day, all working hard to make moving easy. True to his values, Joe knows superior quality and care is the ticket to success. Today, with demand for his thoughtful approach to moving services growing, he’s ready to share his proven franchise system with like-minded partners ready to support stressed-out movers by lightening the load.

Franchise Partner Profile

Ideal fit for a couple or duo
Must be able to work fast
Thorough and attentive to detail 
Must be energetic and motivated
Someone compassionate
Someone trustworthy
A confident communicator
Has the ability to build rapport
Someone with sales skills
Must be solution-oriented

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