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For many parents, testing and academic support are crucial to their children’s learning. Whether students are engaged at a high or lower level in the classroom, scholarly skills must be fostered early, empowering them to realise and demonstrate their full academic potential. Through our rigorous tuition program, we help students perform at their best during NAPLAN, ATAR, and Selective School testing, supporting them to carve out a learning journey that will carry them seamlessly through to their tertiary years. Test Champs empowers students to thrive academically through personalised, high-quality tutoring services, catering to individual needs and learning styles. We believe wholeheartedly in the transformative power of education, striving to foster a love of knowledge in every student to address academic challenges and inspire a lifelong commitment to learning. Through open communication with students and their families, we work collaboratively to set and achieve realistic academic goals.

For our Franchise Partners coming onboard, Test Champs benefits are endless. Reap the ongoing rewards of providing an enriching education environment and earn a lucrative income doing what you love. Meanwhile, we’ll take care of the website, CRM, curriculum, and lesson plans. Along with an exclusive territory, you’ll receive exclusive access to Test Champs teaching and testing materials, 3 months of initial in-class training, marketing support, and ongoing class development. With the flexibility to choose your working hours and operate full or part-time, Test Champs is every education professional's dream. 

Franchisor Profile

First launching as Scholastic Excellence in 2003, Test Champs has been WA’s answer to tuition and test preparation for over two decades. Born out of an awareness that quality educators were lacking both in the classroom and tutoring industry, Scholastic Excellence was committed to doing better. By offering children smaller class sizes, dedicated subject teachers, and tailored lesson plans, we directly addressed the benchmarks set by the education department, and the results spoke for themselves. In the years since, we’ve guided thousands of students through three state curriculum changes, improving their test outcomes and empowering them to embrace their complete academic capacity with each one. Without any advertising, we’ve steadily grown the brand into an industry leader and earned a reputation for unparalleled results by word-of-mouth referrals alone. Now, with a months-long waitlist, we’re ready to take Test Champs to the next level and reach more students with our proven formula for real academic success. 

Franchise Partner Profile

- Owner/operator looking to manage or teach
- Energetic and up-to-date with current education practices
- Bachelor's Degree in any major 
- WWC Check required
- Bachelor’s Degree in teaching or management highly desirable
- Commitment to making a difference in children’s lives
- Passion for education
- Great communication skills
- Adaptable teaching style 
- Enthusiastic
- Well-organised
- Ability to assess student's performance

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