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New Zealand & Australia

Investment From

$15,000.00 - $37,000.00


Commercial and Residential Furniture Repair


Operational Structure

Owner-operator and Employees


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Restor provides specialised surface repair for furniture and hard surfaces, bench-tops, leather, and flooring to both residential and commercial clientele. In addition to the services they deliver to consumers, Restor also works with insurance companies, furniture and hard surfaces manufacturers, and property managers throughout the country. Surface restoration is a high demand service in New Zealand and Restor are the most experienced and in-demand company on the national market. With opportunities for growth and development across the country, franchisees have flexibility, and a diverse selection of large territories throughout New Zealand. Restoration work offers franchisees profitability without rigorous physical labour, making it the perfect fit for the semi-retired or someone wanting to build an asset and scale the business. Under the Restor brand, franchisees can look forward to owning a lucrative restoration business in an emerging, high-growth industry with few competitors. 

Franchisor Profile

Founding the company is 2019, Strantz Wihongi and Nic Purcell brought 30 years of industry experience to the table, rapidly expanding the operation into an industry-leading business in New Zealand surface restoration.

MBA qualified and with years of hands-on experience, Wihongi has built a professional career from business ownership. With a background owning commercial construction and development businesses, he saw a gap in NZ’s surface restoration market that he was determined to fill. 12 months later, in the face of unprecedented demand, he is ready to share Restor’s success and his professional experience with franchisees across the country. 

Before heading Restor, Purcell attained a degree in accounting and worked in high-profile analyst roles in banking and financial institutions. Here he learned the ins and outs of business and capital, knowledge that became the foundation upon which he has since built several successful businesses. 
Their wealth of experience has cemented both Wihongi and Purcell’s reputations as high-achieving business owners, with a successful track record in the corporate world. Restor’s impressive growth in the industry can be attributed to their emphasis on a strong leadership, work ethic and values. 

Highly committed to the success of their franchisees, Restor provides ongoing training and support to ensure franchisees are confident in up-selling services and delivering a complete range of restoration options, enabling them to maximise their earning potential. 

Franchise Profile

  • Ethical, operating with integrity and honesty
  • Strong work ethic
  • Commitment
  • Good communicator
  • Customer focused
  • Responsive and good at following up 
  • Confident communicator 
  • Genuinely care for their customers
  • Practically skilled
  • Meticulous and attentive to detail
  • Tidy and well-organised, with good presentation
  • Driven to succeed
  • Young to Semi-Retired
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