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Spoken Message

Spoken Message offers enthusiastic and compassionate franchisees a unique opportunity bursting with profitability and potential. Spoken Message’s bespoke service provides customers affordable access to cutting-edge 3D, audio-equipped personalised hologram technology, unlike any other currently available on the market.

Spoken Message has negotiated sole use rights to this unique hologram masking software, ensuring that your holographic productions are processed in-house by Spoken Message and that the core existing Holographic Tech company portals are protected. This Holographic tech is designed and manufactured by a technology firm based in Europe. This rare and highly lucrative prospect offers franchisees the chance to own and operate a niche personal service business at the forefront of the digital re-creation industry. Spoken Message provides an innovative way for families to capture and relive sentimental moments in their lives. With full head office and administrative support that includes access to a purpose-built cloud-based server to ensure maximum franchise resource security, on-boarding franchisees can be confident in Spoken Message’s systems, software, and technology. This unique and highly lucrative service is the first franchise of its kind, with access to digital technology that will revolutionise the way loved ones are memorialised and families are virtually immortalized for generations to come with their virtual presence.

Franchisor Profile
Frank Psaila is an entrepreneur.  A career signwriter with a thriving signwriting business in Victoria, he had decades of successful business management before embarking on his passion project – Spoken Message. Spoken Message was an idea that originally came up around 2011, Frank kept a close eye on the emergence of holographic technologies and waited until the right technology came along to make this business platform affordable for all end users from all walks of life, yes the tech was already there in the form of Laser but this was not realistic or affordable. In 2019 Frank came across new Holographic technology originally used in high-profile corporate advertising and branding. He immediately recognised the potential in the technology and started to untap the market opportunity in the personal services business and brought his idea to life. His lightbulb idea was going to revolutionise the way we remember and perceive each other, and he was determined to share it with the world. He had a vision to make these high-end holograms accessible and affordable around the world and now he has. Fast forward 2 years later with research and development to adapt the technology, Spoken Message is here with flexible franchise options that will bring holographic studios into the mainstream, Frank is ready to share his exclusive technology with likeminded, compassionate franchisees, changing the way we communicate between ourselves and into the 22nd century and beyond.

Franchisee Profile
Someone naturally empathetic
Experience in graphics and design would be advantageous
Experience in the funeral or personal services industry is desirable but not necessary
Someone with strong communication skills
Someone with a compassionate attitude
Someone sentimental with a passion for bringing memories to life
Must have values that align with the brand
Must be personable, friendly and comfortable communicating with families
Someone with ambition and motivation to succeed
Someone looking to offer a meaningful, personalised service to clients
Someone with a big heart
Perfect for couples and solo operators

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