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The Marrzipan method is a revolutionary approach to enhancing children’s self-confidence, public speaking, and social skills through the medium of acting. More than just a drama school, Marrzipan Drama is a place where students can learn, grow, and embrace their inner oddball in the comfort of their classroom. Delivering classes online, individually, in classrooms, privately, and through holiday workshops, Marrzipan is full of drama, performance, and fun!

A uniquely enticing prospect for Franchise Partners with a flair for performance, Marrzipan Drama presents a Franchise offering unlike any other. Operating under a brand with a strong foothold in schools across the country, and the leadership of an industry professional with a proven model for success, Franchise Partners can realise their dream of performing every day, while also making a difference in the lives of school kids. A lucrative lifestyle franchise, the mobile nature of the business allows for higher returns with no overhead costs, making Marrzipan Drama a rare opportunity that’s as personally rewarding as it is profitable. With comprehensive training, a complete curriculum, and ongoing support from a dedicated headquarters, Marrzipan Drama is an ideal franchise opportunity for anyone who loves to perform and help kids become their best selves.

Franchisor Profile

Founder and director of Marrzipan Drama, Davina Marr had been performing since childhood when she launched the business in 2010. With a dual degree in Drama and Marketing, she was working as a drama teacher when she saw a gap in the market for a method of teaching drama the way she wished to be taught as a kid. Seeing how other schools were teaching, and remembering her own experiences, Davina knew there was a better way to nurture young performers. She was determined to create a space where students could learn not only the basics of performance, but also how to lean into their uniqueness and become their most confident, creative, and capable selves. The result was Marrzipan Drama, and it had already grown a thriving client base by the time she moved to New Zealand in 2012. Now, with over a decade of experience, and a strong presence in regions across the country, Davina is excited for the future and the Franchise Partners that will help her bring self-confidence to students everywhere.

Franchise Partner Profile

- No formal qualifications necessary
- Someone energetic
- Must love performing
- Must have a sense of humour
- Someone with a passion for drama
- Should be confident and able to build rapport
- Someone whose values align with the brand
- Must be confident communicating with a variety of stakeholders e.g. educators, parents, students
- A background in drama, acting, or working with children is highly desirable
- Must pass a Police and Working With Children check

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